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Chapter 107 - 5pm, Saturday 27th March

This Saturday at 5pm UK time, Chapter 107: Go Home. Lock Your Door. Do Your Homework. Watch PROGRESS. drops on both WWE Network and Demand PROGRESS.

Can Chuck Mambo grab his first win with a friend by his side? Lykos Gym get more than they bargained for with a match up they didn’t plan for against World Champion Cara Noir and the trailblazing Danny Black. In our main event Kanji and Millie McKenzie get set to steal the show.

Full card:

Chris Ridgeway vs Spike Trivet

Gene Munny vs Warren Banks 

Big Guns Joe vs LK Mezinger

Young Guns vs Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo) 

PROGRESS World Champion Cara Noir and Danny Black vs Lykos Gym 

Millie McKenzie vs Kanji 


WWE Network


We hope you enjoy the show!