Chapter 111 - 5pm, Saturday 22nd May

Chapter 111 - 5pm, Saturday 22nd May

Chapter 111: One Leg In The Air will be available on WWE Network, Peacock and demandPROGRESS as of Saturday May 22nd (5pm GMT, 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific).

The main event of the show will see Kanji against Gisele Shaw to determine the new PROGRESS Women's Champion. This is match three of the Best of 3 Series and it all comes down to this final wicket.
If you did not see Gisele and Kanji appear on WWE's The Bump this week then you can check out it here: Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and more join 100th episode celebration: WWE’s The Bump - YouTube

Keeping up the batting average, we've also got Kid Lykos vs Danny Black and Luke Jacobs vs Chris Ridgeway as part of PICK YOUR POISON ahead of the Tag Team Tournament final.

Kid Lykos II and Ethan Allen will be confirming each other's opponents on the show this Saturday night.

Here's the full card for the event:

  • Spike Trivet vs Big Guns Joe
  • Luke Jacobs vs Chris Ridgeway
  • Taonga vs Mercedez Blaze
  • The 0121 vs Sunshine Machine
  • Kid Lykos vs Danny Black
  • PROGRESS Women's Champion Best of Three Series: Match 3 - Kanji vs Gisele Shaw


    WWE Network (worldwide)

    Demand PROGRESS (worldwide)

    Peacock (US only)

    We hope you enjoy the show!

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