Chapter 116 - 5pm, Saturday 31st July

Chapter 116 - 5pm, Saturday 31st July

Chapter 116: Hail, The Eyeball Kid - will be available on WWE Network, Peacock and demandPROGRESS as of Saturday July 31st 2021 (5pm BST, 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific).

The main event of the show sees Charlie Sterling get his shot at the PROGRESS World Championship. The Smokin' Ace defeated his tag team partner Nick Riley at the last Chapter event to cement his #1 contender status, and now he has the Black Swan stood between him and PROGRESS gold.

Speaking of Nick Riley, he'll be facing PROGRESS Tag Team Champion Kid Lykos II in singles action. With Sterling in the main event, Riley has the opportunity to put the team in a position to get in the hunt for Lykos Gym and the tag team titles.

Alexxis Falcon and Roxxy Hellz Belle will team up to take on the tandem of Mercedez Blaze and Taonga. Falcon and Belle have each have their own issues separately with Blaze/Taonga, and now they're doing a wonder twins in the hope they can get back in the win column.

Here's the full card for the show:

  • PROGRESS World Championship Match - Cara Noir (c) vs Charlie Sterling
  • Laura Di Matteo vs Gisele Shaw
  • Luke Jacobs vs Malik (w/Kosta K)
  • Alexxis Falcon & Roxxy Hellz Belle vs Mercedez Blaze & Taonga
  • Chris Ridgeway vs Elijah (w/Charles Crowley)
  • Nick Riley vs Kid Lykos II
  • Ethan Allen vs Warren Banks


WWE Network (worldwide)

demandPROGRESS (worldwide)

Peacock (US only)

We hope you enjoy the show!

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